With this blog, and the subsequent posts/comments, I hope to make sense of a dangerous, bewildering world.  The world of an “American” that married a Serb, who also happens to be an American.  Confusing I know.  It was for me initially as well.  But fear not!  I will guide you through this strange lexicon as the days, weeks and months pass. 

For the last 4 years or so I have gone from a suspicious outsider worthy of contempt, to tolerated outsider.  What a magical journey it has been.  As in life, this trek has been filled with ups and downs, peaks and valleys.  But, I soldier on in my quest to understand this strange and dark world, for the love of knowledge, and the love of my wife!  Here’s hoping she has a sense of humor.  *most Serbs don’t!


2 thoughts on “Inaugural Post

  1. I agree when you say most Serbs don’t have a sense of humor. I used to have a great sense of humor, but once, when I was 15 – I fell from the bicycle and lost it completely.

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