Mountain pass from Serbia to Monte Negro

I’m practicing putting photos on my posts so bear with me.  This was taken on the side of the road from Serbia into Monte Negro a few yards from the border.  We stopped here to have a bite to eat and I noticed the river raging beneath us.  We were about 50 feet up from it.  It was really quite a sight.   In the right of the photo you can see the tunnel we passed through. 

It was there that Uncle V told me a joke about Monte Negro, which means black mountain, “Monte Negro would be bigger” he said, “if they would just iron it”.  He’s a funny guy.


7 thoughts on “Serbia to MonteNegro

  1. I’m dying to see the picture Promajaneck, but I don’t think it worked. Unless it is just my computer and/or browser — gottalovecomcast-not.
    Other readers can let me know if I’m the only one who can’t access the photo.

  2. WTF! I clicked on what I thought was the link, and nothing happened, but as soon as I posted my comment, I was re-directd to the blog page nad Voila! there it is!

  3. I don’t see a picture either. I don’t think he uploaded a picture of himself. I saw him at the Christmas Eve festivities at the Church Hall last night and one tip.. he is very huggable.

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