The final post of the oughts.  Good bye ought 9!  I’ll be on the road until Monday.  Me, the wife, the Don, and the Don’s wife are going to Toronto in the morning for the NIU bowl game.  I fully plan on letting the Don drive the whole way to Toronto as I will be sleepin’ one off in the back seat.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhh…..he doesn’t know that though.  heh heh.


Then after that we are back on the road to stop in Detroit to catch the Bears and Lions suck fest.  I’m sure it will be a turnover filled game but who cares, it’s still an NFL game!  And we bought the tickets in October when hopes were still at their highest.

Notice I used a picture from the Super Bowl season?  We Bear fans like to delude ourselves.  GO BEARS!!! NEXT YEAR IS THE YEAR!!  Oh wait thats the Cubs.  Gettin’ my crappy Chicago teams confused.

Happy New Year all the same.


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