I'll never be silenced!

It was bound to happen.  Feelings have been hurt and threats have been made.  Although I am surprised at the source.  A close confidant, a drinking buddy, a man with which I have broken bread.  My very own Kum!  It’s very sad to say the least.  Through trusted sources I have learned that he is plotting to cut off the supply of delicious dinners at my very own house.  I’m not sure if he has the resources to pull this off, but I don’t think its a chance I can take.  My source passed along this message: “dude, i’ll arrange for mill to put u out 4 a food in next ten days”.  The typos were left in an attempt to embarrass.

I WILL NEVER BE SILENCED!!  I will always speak truth to power!  The world must know of the power of this Serbocracy! 

                                            Give me dinner or give me death!!


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