Break yo self foo!

As I mentioned in a previous post I got a tattoo while in Kraljevo.  Igor at Tattoo Trn was very good.  Aside from being a tattoo artist he is also an aspiring rapper.  He mentioned that being a rapper in Serbia is even more rare than being a tattoist.  He didn’t really look the part of a hard-core gangsta rapper being that he was 5’9″ and 150 lbs, and white, but if Eminem can make it….. best of luck to all the whiteys out there.  He played some of his music for us, I’m not much of a rap fan to begin with so I paid as much attention as I if I was listening to the wife’s Serbo-country music.  It all sounds the same.  Now, when it was my turn to get in the chair Igor got a phone call, of course I didn’t know what was said given that I don’t speak srpski, so I didn’t pay it any mind.  I get in the chair, beg Igor to put on the fan, and prepare for a long 3 hours of needle time.  Igor was a real champ for turning on the fan even though he was deathly afraid of promaja.  When my wife told him that I don’t believe in promaja he responded rather dryly, “his back doesn’t hurt ?”  Smartass. 

So, while I’m in the chair the wife has to take off to go get ready for the nights festivities.  It would prove to be quite a good night.  More on that later.   She takes off, and the door bell rings and Igor ushers in one of his buddies.  “Must’ve been the phone call from earlier”, I thought.  This kid looked similar to Igor and he was quite excited to be there.  He was smiling.  A lot.  And, he was blocking the damn fan!  Between them their english was okay, but what can I say it was better than my Serbian.  The buddy was also into gangsta rap and it was at this point that it started.  These two guys started firing questions at me like I was holding a press conference.  They wanted to know all about California, gangsta rap, and the West Coast.  Personally, for me, it was hilarious.  They wanted to know if I had every been to Compton.  They wanted to know if I had ever drank Olde English.  They wanted to know about the East coast West coast wars.  Musically these two were stuck in a 1992 time warp and they didn’t care.  I did the best I could in answering their questions, but as mentioned before I’m not into rap.  These two guys were so wide eyed that I could have told them I was the mayor of Compton I suppose.   What could I say though?  I’d never been to Compton, let alone California.  I’d never drank an O.E., and couldn’t tell them who Suge Knight killed first.

I could see it on their faces, the dissapointment, that they got stuck talking to one of the few Americans they will come across,that didn’t know shit about rap.  

Sorry guys.  I’ll study up before the next trip.


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