Since the frenzy over swine flu has died down, this article is not terribly fresh, but it is damn funny. It is about how Serbs prefer garlic as prevention from swine flu versus vaccinations.  Here are a two of my favorite clips…..

“Garlic is the best, forget the vaccines,” said Marko Jankovic, an elderly Belgrader, with the pungent smell of garlic obvious as he spoke at the crowded Kaleniceva Pijaca market. “From the vaccine, you can get sick. From garlic, you can only get bad breath.”

Garlic is kept on doorsteps or in pockets to keep vampires away, and under babies’ pillows to ensure a healthy and prosperous life. Serbs often consume garlic as a snack together with slivovitz, a strong plum brandy.


2 out of 10 doctors agree.


8 thoughts on “Garlic as Medicine

  1. Garlic as a snack, damn right!! Now that I live in the States, I miss having raw beli luk (garlic) and raw crni luk (onion) almost DAILY.

    A linguistic note: in Serbian, garlic and onion are considered very much related – their literal translations are ‘white bulb’ and ‘black bulb’. Pick your side folks, it’s black or white… This applies to wine (which is red or white in English) and to bread (brown or white in English).

  2. Yea this was quite funny, it actually made the cost of Garlic rise when the swine flu epidemic hit. LOL

    There’s an other funny, not sure you heard about it — new driving laws took effect Jan 1st, part of this included one of those florescent/light repellent green vests. This thing used to cost 150 din, now they sell it for 250 to 350 — supply and demand 🙂 –and before you could only buy it at the auto supplies dealers at pijaca, now you can buy it from the lady who sells granny panties too!


  3. no, you have to carry it in your car — when you pull over on side of road with 4 ambers active, then u need to wear that as you get out of the car

    that is why that vest can’t be in the trunk, it has to be inside the car’s cabin…

    new law..

    • that seems a tad excessive. Do people get run over a lot on the side of the road or is it their own stupidity that gets them in trouble? I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before some politician here makes that law here. We love nanny laws that save us from ourselves.

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