See full size image     Mark your calendars people!  In only 15 anticipation filled days (March 5-7) the U.S.A and Serbia will go head to head in the first round of the Davis Cup in Belgrade.  That’s tennis by the way.  What better way to pass the rest of this horrible winter?  The U.S. is seeded #2 while Serbia is #13, based on the info from the OFFICIAL Davis Cup website.  It is unfortunate that this epic clash of tennis giants has to come in the first round, what’s left after that?  Everyone might as well shut it down, that’s the title match y’all!!  So book your flight and get your tickets.  IT’S ON!! 

Serbia and USA have never previously met and both teams will be harbouring hopes of progressing to the quarterfinals. Novak Djokovic and Andy Roddick are their respective country’s top players and, if they both play, will face each other in the opening singles rubber on day three.

Serbia has a relatively short Davis Cup history having competed as Serbia & Montenegro and Yugoslavia in years gone by. In 2009, Serbia was beaten by Spain 4-1 in the first round before easing to victory over Uzbekistan in the play-offs to retain its spot in the World Group.

USA is the competition’s most successful nation having been crowned champion on 32 occasions. Its most recent triumph came in 2007 when Russia was defeated 4-1 in the Final. In 2009, the Americans beat Switzerland but lost in the quarterfinals to Croatia.


7 thoughts on “Beatdown in Belgrade

  1. Just to clear up a few things…Serbians don’t hate the US! There has been some indifferences in the past between the two nations, but the Serbs have accepted US as well respected country. I am proud to say that as a Serb with dual citizenship (US & Serbia). Also, despite the American’s long and successful Davis Cup history, the odds at this match will be even. so I wouldn’t really make any predictions just based on the history. Both teams have great players that could only end up putting on the greatest show on tennis courts.. So with that said, I wish good luck to both teams and I am eagerly waiting to see the matches.

    • Well said ezee!
      I don’t follow tennis as much anymore since all the players started moaning like they are in a porno, but I keep tabs enough. I just like talking a little trash. Keeps things interesting.

  2. I follow tennis very closely, and even went to the inaugural Serbia Open last May. I’m American, but was in Porec to support Croatia against the USA in Davis Cup last July. US tennis players are in my opinion over-rated – and aside from world #2 Đoković, Serbian players quite under-rated. Croatia has never once been defeated by the US in Davis Cup – and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Tipsa (or Viktor) helps Noleta to keep SFRJ as a whole on a winning streak. Can’t wait!

  3. p.s. Croatia defeated the US in the first round in 1995 – in California! (The USTA basically gave away home court advantage by choosing a location right near San Pedro, a huge CRO community.)

    It’s the Jenkis who will be embarassed – again.

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