Father of the year voting has opened, and already there is a front-runner.  I think I may start paying more attention to the tennis scene.  The more I read, the more I like it.  There is a lot going on.  “Like what?” you might be asking?  Like Jelena Dokic’s father threatening the Australian Ambassador of course.  Jelena is the Aussie of Serb descent that made more of a splash on the internet than the court, yet still manages to make her way into the news.  Hmmmmm….
Her dad is so unhinged that he thought the best way to refute allegations he beat his daughter was to threaten to blow up the ambassador’s car!!  Genius!  Add “tennis dad” to the list of sports crazies like “hockey dad” and “soccer mom”. 
Follow the link below and look at the picture on the right.  Is that a pipe in his hand?  Awesome.

3 thoughts on “F.O.T.Y candidate: Dokic

  1. I think that crazy tennis Dads have been around for a while – wasn’t Monica Seles’ dad in the news for similar stuff a few years ago?

  2. @Becki: Monika’s father was the shining example of the good tennis dad, he never pulled stunts like this. Karolj Seles was beloved by all. Now, Mary Pierce’s father (the original crazy tennis dad) was banned from tournaments, Patty Schnyder has had insane husband/boyfriend problems, some say the overly close relationship between Capriati and her father was perhaps to blame for her druggie period. Graf’s father did jail time for tax evasion and I think he had an affair with a stripper. There’s all kinds of drama with tennis dads. Dokic is Mary Pierce’s dad on steroids, though.

    @promajaneck: Richard Williams is crazy like a fox. When Venus first began competing on tour, he always said to watch out for Serena. Many times he has made statements about them and about the WTA tour that people didn’t give much credence to at first, but he was more often than not proven right.

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