Day 4 of fast-

It’s not going too bad, for the most part it has been pretty easy.  Although yesterday I was tempted by one of the Mexican ladies at work.  She brought in chicken empanadas which are a deep fried taco that you smother in mole sauce.  The sauce is hot like fiyah!  So, you have to cut it with some mayo.  They are deelish.  I was complaining to a co-worker, “she hasn’t brought in empanadas in almost a year!!  Why today??”  But, I was good, and politely declined.  Work is usually the fast/diet sanctuary because I can only eat what I bring.  We have no cafeteria, no vending machines, there are no restaurants close by, so it’s usually a breeze.  No temptations.  There are just the rare empanada-doughnut-bagel days.  It’s fun though, the snob in me loves to refuse to eat a doughnut, especially in front of a group.  It allows me to look down my nose at the weak souls, slaves to their own wants and desires!  Ha!

The posti/Lenten diet is a nice change of pace though.  It forces me to get out of my daily habits and try new foods and recipes.  I have been eating a lot of crab meat, which I love, and vegetables.  It’s great.  The other night I made a mustard and white wine vinegar sauce to go with some crab meat, to make a crab salad, and it was pretty good.  Were it not for the fast, I wouldn’t have done it. 

Four days to go.


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