Where the F is Roddick?

I’m really tryin’ here.  I’m tryin’ to get myself hyped up for the Davis Cup so I can talk about it.  *sigh*  But I just can’t.  My belly fire for tennis was extinguished when Monica Seles started her screaming fits, and everyone else followed suit.  Plus, spring training for baseball has started, and as a long-suffering Chicago Cubs fan it’s time for me to start saying “THIS IS OUR YEAR!!”   And! And, I was hoping that I could get Uncle V to send me some nuggets of info on the matches,be my man on the street you know, get the feeling and the word on the street in Yugo over this, but he has been incommunicado, so that fell apart too!!  What’s a blogger to do?  This is all starting in two days (March 5)!  I guess it was not to be.  That’s not to say that I won’t cover the eventual riots if Mr. Djokovic should happen to lose or talk taaall trash if the U.S. should happen to win.  With a capacity crowd expected the atmosphere should be charged.

The place is expected to be full with 20,000 people in full voice creating what should be an awesome atmosphere, the type of atmosphere that only really comes when national pride is on the line.



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