This came from the NBC sports web site:

First rubber: John Isner vs. Victor Troicki

So I know that this came from an American news source.  So what the hell is a rubber?  Because I know it’s not being used in any context that I am familiar with.

The US Davis Cup team is trying to make up for the loss of Andy Roddick by fielding a team of super-giants.  Their plan is get players with a wing span-long enough to reach all lines of the court while standing flat-footed in the center.  I think they have done it.


2 thoughts on “Please to explain Rubber?

  1. And since the “tie” – which is the series of matches in Davis Cup competition – was completed when Djokovic gabe Serbia an insurmountable 3-1 lead, the last match was essentially meaningless, and called a “dead rubber”

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