Killin for a livin baby!!

Off topic I know but I am as excited as a puppy with two peters!!    Today, the Monsters of the Midway signed Julius Peppers, the jewel in the free agent crown this year,  and they stole Chester Taylor from the vikings!!  Awesome!!  As a bears fan this is better than the day Cutler was signed.  It looks to me like the McCaskey’s are tired mediocrity and losing.  They are buying a championship and that is fine with me.  My only fear is that Peppers will turn into what Albert Haynesorth did.  He got the huge contract, also known as “fuck you money”, and now he doesn’t play half as hard as he used to. 

 The Bears also signed tight end Brandon Manumaleuna.  What that means for Greg Olson I don’t know, but it doesn’t look good for him.

All these signings mean one thing though; if Lovie and his ilk don’t produce another SuperBowl appearance next season they are all gone.  No more excuses, you’ve been given the players, now make it happen.

Buh-bye Brett!



Chicago Bears official site


Sports Illustrated



2 thoughts on “Julius F**KIN Peppers baby!!!!

  1. This was a great day indeed! Peppers’ contract is super front loaded so if he fucks off they could let him go and not pay him all of it, but they’ll still have to give him the front end money unfortunately. If they can co grab some protection for Cutler with this 5-7 step drop nonsense that’d be great, because that poor man is going to take an ass whooping if hes back there waiting for tweedle dumb and tweedle dee to figure out which route to run.

    • My guess is that they are going to take 2 picks and use them on linemen. by the time their first pick comes in the third round most of the skill guys will be gone anyway. now it’s time to build around Jay, get him what he needs. protection.

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