I am going to keep using that word until I either laugh myself to death or it catches on.  I think it has legs, it could be the next big thing in language.  “Gimme two rubbers and a large coke”, or “I got a stack of rubbers to pay”,  that kind of thing.  No?

Anyhow, as I expected Serbia won its first two rubbers today and lead the US 2-0 in the opening round.   The world #2 Mr. Djokovic won the second match of the day easily.  It looks promising right now for the Serbs and their mission to advance past the first round, ever.  From the sounds of things, people at the stadium are quite excited.  I hope Uncle V comes through with a report soon!

The Beogradska Arena was vibrating with the noise of cheer sticks and chanting from the home crowd as they carried Troicki to victory. The players had said all along that the crowd was going to play a very important role in getting them through this weekend and this was the first example of it.


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Victor Troicki; I thought all Serb names ended in "ic"

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