Let's get a drink shorty. We saved face.

    The U.S. managed to save some face by winning a match, or a rubber, against the Serbian team in Belgrade under the lights and shouts of an excited crowd.  Not much is expected of this U.S. team and their defeat is imminent.  They have managed to extend their stay in Belgrade and further their hopes of finding some really good rakija and seeing the statue of Johnny Depp.  Personally I’m hoping they do both, Belgrade is an awesome town, just be careful of the circle of death and crappy pizza (regular readers will get that joke).
    Still waiting for the report from Uncle V.  I’m guessing that he is suffering from writers block and waiting for inspiration to strike.  He is a pretty reserved guy, so maybe he is shy about asking his neighbors and countrymen about their tennis passion. Or, he is pre-partying the Serbian win and passed out cold feeling the harsh effects of promaja.  Either way his report will be stellar for sure.
Sports Illustrated
Off-Broadway news
Official Davis Cup site
I hope.

4 thoughts on “Serbia 2 rubbers; US 1 rubber

  1. Sorry,Amerika!
    Ako niste naucili srpski od Divca i kosarkasa,naucicete od Novaka,Troickog,Zimonjica i Tipsarevica!Uostalom pricajte srpski da bi vas ceo svet razumeo!
    Nema euforije,jer se i ocekivala pobeda,nije Amerika sto je nekad bila!

    • This is the English version of Uncle V’s trash talking….

      If you have not learned from Divac and Serbian basketball players, learn from Novak, Troickog, and Tipsarevic Zimonjic! Pricajte Serbian After that you understood the whole world!
      No euphoria, because the expected victory, America is not what it once was!

  2. Not surprised at all with the outcome. The real test in Davis Cup World Group will come in July, against Croatia and IN Croatia. And Croatia have never once lost to the US in Davis Cup.

    Uncle V is what you call a “reserved guy”? That gets an ROFLCOPTER from me, too :))

    But to say there was no euphoria? Somehow I doubt that.

    Welcome to the World Group. The US now gets relegated.

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