"That sheazzy was waaaay to easy."

There you have it folks.  The Serbian team defeated the Americans 3-2.  Novak Djokovic beat John Isner in a close match to seal the deal.  For the first time in history the Serbian team has advanced past the first round in the Davis Cup.  All it took was for the world’s number 2 player to win twice against a depleted U.S. team, minus it’s two best players.  I’m sure that sounds like sour-grapes, but I can’t completely turn my back on my guys, especially in the face of trash talking by Uncle V.  Already!!  He didn’t even wait for the body to get cold.  Speaking of Uncle V, he has promised to have his report to me in two days,  I’m tingling with anticipation. 

The Serbian team now faces its neighbor and fellow former Yugoslavs, Croatia.  Something tells me that those matches will have far more importance to the fans, on both sides.  My Kume has told me that he spoke with some friends back home, and the trash talking has already started.  The two squads won’t face each other until July 9, so there is ample time to for both sides to taunt each other.  Talk about a heated rivalry!  Perhaps Uncle V should write about the mood on the streets during that?  I bet it is far more interesting.

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2 thoughts on “Serbia wins the most rubbers

  1. Croatia gets to choose the venue, and Split is under consideration, but nobody wants nasty Hajduk supporters turning up. The Serbian Federation has written a letter to request Zagreb, instead. But the players don’t really mind playing wherever Croatia chooses. Regardless, it should be a terrific tie with hard-fought rubbers, LOL.

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