Daniel Grozdich is a comedian that the wife recently introduced me to.  As usual I am late to the party.  For once I want to be the first guy at the party, not the doofus that strolls in late.  The guy that looks at 5 humps playing poker and asks “you guys playing cards?’  I am finding out that it is tough to be “in the know”.  Bitching about it sounds like more fun to me.  It will give me a head start on being a crusty old man yelling at wild teenagers.  Brilliant.  

Anyway, he has quite the following out there and is on the night club circuit doing stand-up.  He is pretty freekin’ funny.

3 thoughts on “Serbian lessons from Daniel Grozdich

  1. My boyfriend, a Serb, has been slowly teaching me the language. It was his 9 year-old son who has shown me some Youtube videos of Daniel… I am proud to say, I now swear with the best of ’em.

    Love your blog! 🙂

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