Continuing on with the Hollywood theme of glamour and excess, actor Ralph Fiennes will begin directing ‘Coriolanus’ on March 17 in Belgrade.   There is no word yet on where his statue will be erected, or how tall it will be.  Personally, I’m hoping it is next to Johnny Depp’s, and it will depict Fiennes as his most famous character, Lenny the junkie from Strange Days (look it up!), also starring a young Juliet Lewis.  Coriolanus is the story of a Roman general who rebels against the empire.

Quite the A-list being gathered:


5 thoughts on “Shakespeare going to Yugo

  1. I suspect Strange Days will see an uptick in renters and Netflix orders, since it was an early film from newly-crowned Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow.

    But can Kalemegdan be allowed as a film location?

  2. Nothing at all is wrong with Kalemegdan – I just wondered if it is a protected site. (Then again, I have been to a “rave” at Kalemegdan, so I suppose it can’t be that well protected)

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