Srdjan Todorovic, star of “A Serbian Film,” shown here in an earlier role.

A new film, that is making the rounds of the film festival circuit is causing some waves.  It left the audience at the South by Southwest Film festival in Austin, Texas in silence.  “A Serbian Film” has found a way to shock and awe even the most experienced and jaded film goer.  I’ll let you read the article from The Wall Street Journal for yourself, but just know that there are parts that are quite offensive.  Without having seen the film I hesitate to critique it or pass judgement, but it sounds pretty bad.  There are people, artists, out there that masquerade shock value as art, they attempt to apply a hidden meaning to something that has no meaning or purpose other than to shock and disturb.  This kind of publicity hound is not an artist, rather they are bankrupt of ideas.  I liken it to someone painting a picture of Jesus out of cow poop and having an exhibition in Arkansas, an area full of fundamental Christians.  It is not a new or fresh look at religion, it is a cheap attempt at gaining notoriety.  This may be the greatest movie ever made, but if looks like a duck and quacks like a duck……..must be a duck.



2 thoughts on “Shocking; “A Serbian Film”

  1. just yesterday I was talking to my friends about this movie.. I guess it stirred a lot of emotions in the last few days 🙂

    I’m not that fond of this kind of films, maximum of (realistic) on screen violence I can handle is Irreversible. And that movie, violence aside, was pretty good in my opinion.

    I have read some of the reviews, and all of them seem to agree that it’s not the kind of movie that shows violence for violence’s sake.. and actors like Srdjan Todorovic and Sergej Trifunovic are not some starving newbies that would act in just about anything for money and screen time.

    As I said, violence is not mu cup of tea, but I am oh so tired of Avatars, Titanics, and rest of that bunch targeting american housewifes and 16-year-olds, that I’ll go and see this one 🙂

    btw, here’s one good review of the movie http://bit.ly/cZ0T7x

    • I agree 100% on your disdain for big budget crap-fests like Titanic. Can’t stand ’em. I don’t have knowledge of the actors like you, but I do know that this is a first time director, and he has found fame and notoriety if that was his goal. The reviews I have read all agree that this movie is technically sound and that fact makes it seem less likely that the director is just trying to shock, and there might be some merit to it. I’ll have to watch it before I’ll know for sure.

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