This weekend I’m going to make some more cevapcici.  Since my first attempt I have gotten quite a few good tips on how to tweak and fine tune the recipe.  One came about through a casual conversation.  The beef and pork that I used was pre-ground and frozen, so in order to use it I fed it through the meat grinder again, no biggie right?  Well the unintended consequence was that the cevapcici were mealy and kind of dry, even though I put in quite a bit of extra fat.  So, double grinding: bad.  I am also going to try getting different parts of the cow/pig/lamb to use.  The pre-ground meat is not the best cuts, obviously, but they aren’t the worst either.  When the first recipes were being made I’m betting the farmers, or whomever, used some of the worst parts of the animal because they had no other choice.  They ground it up, spiced the hell out of it and boom, cevapcici were born.  So I’m going to cruise the butcher shops, and grocery stores looking for whatever detestable cuts of meat I can find.  I am certain that will give me a unique flavor.

I’m pretty excited about it.  I got the spice ratio down pretty good, I just have to find the right meat.

Cevapcici in training


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