Most of the Serbs that I know are pretty conservative, reserved and prone not to do anything too controversial or exciting.   There are two glaring examples to this generalization however; the wife & my kum.  Her wild streak is what drew me to her in the first place, although she can be quite boring when she wants to.   And my kum?  Well that was just fate.  We were brothers in a past life, I’m convinced. 

While traveling through Serbia and Monte Negro I saw a hand full of motorcycles.  I saw some enduros (street/dirt bike abomination) with the occasional sport bike (crotch rocket) and tons of scooters.  They were all used for their functionality and practicality, not for recreation like in the US.  While walking through one of the swankier parts of Belgrade I saw a beautiful site, an island of American awesome in the heart of European sport bike diarrhea;  a Harley-Davidson!  And it was cool too!  Imagine my surprise.  I had to stop and drool over it. 

I myself am a Harley-Davidson owner, I’ve had it for 3 marvelous years.  Before you jump to any conclusions let me say that I am still young enough that I don’t have as much of the snobbery that some of the older Harley owners have (*cough* dad *cough*).  I love riding it and ride as often as I can, but living in the midwest limits that at times.  The wife and I ride together with my buddies and various other dignitaries.  No one in the wife’s family has expressed any interest in motorcycles, talking about motorcycles, looking at pictures of motorcycles let alone going for a ride.  Ever.  So imagine my surprise while I was sitting at the Orthodox Christening Collision, taking mental notes and keeping score, when Mir, the wife’s older sister, said she wanted to go for a ride.  Gasp!  

Do I dare let her into my sanctuary and risk having it ruined forever? 

Being the wild dangerous type that I am I said “um, okay”.

I took her for a ride this past weekend with the wife and dignitaries mentioned above.  She had a good time.  So did I.  But what I didn’t know beforehand is the Mir has awakened the green-eyed monster.  Her cousin and the youngest sister pouted,

 “how come he’s taking you for a ride?”

“Because I asked”, was the reply.

And it is just that easy.  

Now I have another one committed to the cause of loosening up some of the Serb collars out there.  And two more prospects.  Our numbers on the dark side grow.  So watch out.

** the picture below has nothing to do with what I wrote about other than it has two motorcycles in it, I think it’s frickin’ hilarious, and the wife told me not to put it in the post.  There’s that boring streak I told you about.

PULL OVER!! I like your boots.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Dark Side

  1. your wife’s sister has some pair of boots!

    (this comment is the reason why you should have listened to your wife 😀 sorry, I just had to 😉 :D)

    • Keeping score of the Orhtodox showdown between the Greeks and Serbs. Who is keeping their game tight and bringing back the church game! The battle rages on.

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