Hey!! I'll take two.

I’m back people!!  I know it’s been far too long and I have no excuse other than it started to warm up and I felt compelled to go outside for a stretch.  While out enjoying the world this weekend a close friend and frequent visitor to this blog commented that it has been quite a while since I posted anything.  I have been running a bit lean on material since I haven’t gone to any Serb events lately.  But, my promise to you now is to get back on track, even if it means making up shit about the Serbs!  HA!

Mariana Kovacevic is the controversial house-wife/faith healer/quack that has managed to get herself in the international spotlight for helping famous English soccer players heal faster from injuries.  How does she do this you might be asking?  She  “uses fluids derived from horse placenta in internal and external processes to speed up the healing process”.  She has become such a controversial figure she has come under scrutiny from government health officials and she has gone underground, further increasing her mystique.

The Serbian World Cup team, not wanting to take any chances during the tournament, has retained the services of Ms. Kovacevic.  I would liken this to the U.S. team asking Dr. Nick Riviera (the Simpsons fans will get that one) to travel with the team.  In a sports crazy world however it doesn’t pay to take chances, and as long as she has plenty of placentas on hand, I like their chances.


Article highlighting her troubles



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