Why does that movie suck so bad?!?!

Here’s the reason for the back-to-back posts.  I started doing the last one because the wife was on the phone gossiping with the neighbor.  Me being a man of flesh and blood assumed that the clucking would go on for hours so I started typing.  Lo and behold the mouthpiece was done talking in 20 minutes, which is still 19 minutes longer than any conversation I’ve ever had.  So, she sees I’m bloggin and decides to put in a movie that we she rented last week.  It is called Sydney White. 


The first time she tried to make me watch it I made it 10 minutes.  It is some crappy retelling of Snow White starring Amanda Bynes, whoever she is.  I’m sure she’s some Disney product, put before the world in order to enslave us with her jackassedness.  I lost out to some pre-teen, fish out of water, jocks are bad nerds are good suck fest!!  It’s a sad state of affairs. 

Here is the tag line for the film, which should say it all…..

“Freshman year is no fairy tale.”

Does it get any worse?  Can something suck more?  If it’s out there I don’t want to know about it.  I think review from Rotten Tomatoes says it all:

Supposedly this is a modern-day retelling of “Snow White,” but I didn’t see that. Instead, this is an awful remake of “Revenge of the Nerds,” with a stolen ending complete with everyone admitting they’re a dork. Sydney helps a group of geeks with the most mundane tasks, such as tying shoes, and waking up and there isn’t one ounce of believability in the journey. “Sydney White” is awful … and very entertaining. I laughed out loud at the most obvious of plot moves and horrendous acting. Laughing at this movie is the only way to get through it, but save it for DVD so you openly remark to your friends about the atrocity you are watching … except if you are a teenage girl, and then this just might be your favorite movie of the year.


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