I found this list in the Urban Dictionary of all places, (Serbs are so gangsta) some repeats for sure but there are some new ones I never heard of.  They always make me laugh because 90% of the entries on these lists remind me of the wife.  Enjoy.

You know you’re Serbian when…
-When you pack to go for Serbia and out of the 4 suitcases you are carrying, only one of them is actually yours.
-When 3 different strangers are waiting for you at the airport to collect their gifts that you are carrying with you.
-When you tell people you are Serbian, they always ask… So … What is it like there now?”
-You live in the adult world but when you go home, you feel like your 9 years old all over again.


-When you can actually pronounce the “g” in jagnje.


-When you’re at a soccer game and your tata is yelling “j**** ja” at the whole team and all the “amerikanci” know it can’t be a good thing.
-Your parents tell you that “gurlz” love guys that can dance a good kolo.
-If you’re not married by the age of 20 your family wants to send you back home to find “a nice boy”.
-You have more than 200 Serbian movies, but you have never watched them. 
-At your christening a silver dollar on your navel will protect you from evil and make you rich.
-Baba says “palachinki” and everyone heads for the table.
-When she is mad your mama tells you that she will send you back to where you came from.


-When your tata does a running commentary through a movie and he thinks he knows everything that’s going to happen even though he has   never seen the movie.
-There is always “pita” on the kitchen counter and multiple pita dough bundles in your freezer at all times.
-After cooking Pita, you eat it for dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


-Your parents don’t expect you to make good grades, as long as they are better than everybody else’s.


-Your tata yells at you “budala, neznas ništa!” when you tell him that the crowd isn’t yelling “DIVAC”, they are actually yelling “Defense” during the Sacramento Kings game regardless if they are home or away.


-Seeing an animal’s brain in the fridge doesn’t freak you out.
-Your mom or baba only use two settings on the stove: MAX or OFF.
-When you call Santa “Deda Mraze”.
-When your mom or grandma tells you to pee before you go outside.
-When the only family you have here is your mom dad and siblings.
-You use the words brat i sestra for your brother and sister and for your
-You converted the garage into a kitchen just to feed all the family and guests that showed.
-When your tata chases the pigeons off the balcony with a mop, then sits down and says “dayll be back”.
-When tata allways “AMMA YOY”.
-When everyone always turns over their cup after drinking tursku kafu even though they know there is no one to tell them their fortune.
-When your tata is looking at an old photo album and sees himself young and says “jao sto sam bio frajer” and ur mom tells him “molim te nemoj da s…š!”
-Your parents spend hours talking about the best djubre for the vegetables.
-Your deda tells you that his family were the wealthiest in the village because they owned two cows and a donkey.
-When you go on holiday, you take the same suitcase that your dad had with him when he arrived in the country over 30 years ago.
-You are named after your ujko, strina, tata or deda.
-Your mother keeps buying and sending you clothes long after you have grown up and left home.
-You are the only race that suffers from PROMAJA.
-When TATA goes to any professional and says STA ON ZNA, NEMA POJMA.
-You know you’re a Serb when your parents yell “kakva je ta skola” when you cannot complete their tax returns while you’re in the third grade.
-You tell your friends that you love sipak (rosehip) jam and they have no idea what it is.

8 thoughts on “More “You know you’re a Serb when”…..

      • Believe me – Sweden’s no Shangri-La! I miss the States and all the crazy but lovely Serbian people there. The Swedish serb population is boring.. American serbs kept more of the fun stuff form the heritage. Swedish serbs just became.. boring swedes!

  1. -You know you’re a Serb when your parents yell “kakva je ta skola” when you cannot complete their tax returns while you’re in the third grade.

    this one made me laugh the most, the people by my desk where like wtf is so funny? I said, well u wouldn’t understand

    Good post, Aaron

  2. Just loved these… you’re right, we’ve seen a bunch of variations but there were a bunch I had not heard but can totally relate.

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