I am in sun-burn hell right now.  This weekend was an all outdoors kind of affair.  I went riding all day Saturday and I’m pretty sure that Lucifer himself was in charge of the weather.  Just standing was enough activity to have sweat cascading down my face and back.  Gross. 

Sunday was “neighbors day” on my neighbor’s boat.  There was six of us and we had a blast, tubing, drinking, swimming and all that jazz.  Since my chest hasn’t been licked by sunshine in decades I kept my shirt on all day, it was sleeveless though.  I didn’t put on any sunblock because I figured that my head and arms have gotten enough sun this summer from riding that it shouldn’t be a problem.  WRONG!!  Right now, my head looks like a damn red tipped match, waiting to be struck.  I didn’t feel any of it until we got off the lake, by that point of course the damage was done.  This sucks.

A co-worker just poked his head in my office and said that my head has gotten redder as the day has gone on.  Is that even possible??  Evidently I’m cooking as I’m typing.

ComicSunburn.jpg sunburn image Mikeybucket01

This is not me, but it's damn close to how I look


One thought on “Death can take me any time

  1. I never think of Serbs as being particularly sensitive to the sun, but I just met a group of young Serbian guys working at a country club near me for the summer, and they are all completely fried from the collar up.

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