One of my first posts was about an experience I had in Serbia last year. (check it out here  https://promajaneck.wordpress.com/2010/01/13/late-night-pie/ ). It was late night and the wife’s cousin wanted me to try Serbian pizza.  I was horrified to find that they use ketchup, sweet ketchup, on their pies rather than red sauce.  Well, let me tell you all something else!!  I just found a cookbook, by a Serbian chef and guess what the title is; The Testicle Cookbook:  Cooking with Balls. 

The title is hilarious and I am considering buying the book just so I can show it off at parties.   Chef Ljubomir R. Erovic evidently has quite the sense of humor or he is a deeply troubled man.  But I offer this only as evidence that the Serbs have horrible taste when it comes to pizza.  I suggest that if you ever meet a Serb from Europe, offer to buy them a slice, even if it’s from Domino’s.  Even that crap is better than pizza with ketchup and man pills on it.  And to you Serbs out there reading this, get your butts to the States or have some family send you a Giordano’s pie, something, anything.  And for God’s sake put something normal on it!!

I hope that is famunda cheese!


 Check out the cook book here.



2 thoughts on “Man up on your pizza

  1. I’d gladly give this pizza a try, as long as there’s no ketchup.

    p.s. I hadn’t realized until a few weeks ago that Dalmatians have the same superstitions about “promaja” but then they also have all those wind-related superstitions, too, especially regarding the Jugo.

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