I lifted a couple of pictures off of a Facebook account.  The wife showed them to me and they are too cool not to pass on.  They were taken by the wonderfully creative mind that brought us Serbuki Theatre.  Which, by the way, she has not done a sequel.  Word is that they were taken in Belgrade.  I’m not sure if that’s the case but they were taken in Serbia, that much is for certain.

I think that this first one is pretty self-explanatory. 

Harley-Davidson Serbia logo in Cyrillic

The up close shot of the tank does not do this wonderful piece of machinery justice.  Fortunately there was another pic of the hard-core biker blasting down the street on his iron horse.  The photographer was at a safe enough distance so as not to disturb the beast, thus endangering her own life.  We are all the beneficiaries of this daring photo journalist.

Out of the way jerk-ass!!

Notice how the helmet matches the bike?  The hallmark of any 1%’er.  Dangerous.


6 thoughts on “Serbian-Davidson

  1. hahaha… this threw me… I’m like “I remember this”! I went searching for you promajajack because I have not seen anything posting and I thought I signed up for updates but have not seen any and then I come upon all kinds of your wisdom along with these pictures that bring back the happy memories of travel with your Serbuki Theatre friend. Quite a bit of motorcycling of all types thru Serbia and Bosnia. The first Harley picture is Surbuki Theatre’s cousin’s work in Zemun, a connecting city to Belgrade. The second one with the matching helmet was inside a gated area of the Serbian Patriarchy grounds in Sremski Karlovci (close to Novi Sad, Srbija).. the scary dude you speak of was in Drvar, Bosnia. There was a whole biking weekend in this relatively small town.

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