I love this!  To me this has to be the culmination of the Greek/Serb Orthodox showdown.  An actual brawl between the two sides on a basketball court in Greece.  Nenad Krstic was the instigator of it all, claiming he acted in defense of a teammate, what evs.  I think he tried to knee someone in the nads, (weak joke?  Eh, it’s early).   Nenad Krstic plays in the NBA for the Oklahoma City Thunder, no doubt he has learned quite a bit about fisticuffs from his teammates there.  You can see some of the dancing around and squawkin’ preferred by the NBA nancies.  The action really picks up around the 2:25 mark.

As far as the scoring goes for the showdown?  This round has to go to the Greeks.  Not because of how tough they looked in the fight, or because they have a black guy on their team, but because a shirtless and wasted Greek fan that looks to be all of 5 feet tall rushes the court.  At about the 0:08 second mark of the video you see this Ouzo swilling turd rush the court and he tries staring down a ten foot tall Serb player!  That’s brass baby! 


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