A rider competes during the sabre chopping race in Ljubicevo Equestrian Games in Pozarevac, Serbia, Sept. 4, 2010. Ljubicevo Equestrian Games is an international equestrian sport event including show-jumping, relay riding, and arrow, lance, and mace-hurling, as well as sword-cutting in full gallop. The traditional event is held once a year since 1964 on hippodrome in Pozarevac. (Xinhua/Marko Rupena)


Based on that caption alone I’m thinking that I have to see this competition.  That dude is like a knight trying to chop off someones head at 30 miles an hour, on horseback!  He’s a badass!  Awesome.  If he can look that cool with a sabre in his hand, imagine what the guys hurling maces look like!!  My man-crush levels are at an all time high.  Anything that involves “mace-hurling”, I’m in. 
 Has anyone been to this or even heard of it before?  There is not a lot of information to be found in English so any knowledge bombs you could drop on us would be great. 
I’m going to buy a horse and a mace this afternoon.   And a red vest.



2 thoughts on “Ljubicevo Equestrian Games

  1. I’m from Pozarevac and I attended quite a few of Ljubicevo Equestrian Games. I see how it can bee fun when you go for the first time, because there is an elaborate parade the day before the games begin, then some elaborate partying the night before, concerts, drinking (you know the drill) and then 2 whole days of horse races, show-jumping, relay riding, and arrow, lance, and mace-hurling so you should come and check it out. It gets boring if you attend year after year because it’s pretty much the same every time. Except a few years back when one there was one horse named Seka (it’s my nickname) so I had a blast cheering for her 😀

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