I have been doing this blog for about 10 months and during that time I will get the occasional story from readers or friends about their own encounters with promaja.  Because of promaja and my obsession with it people are starting to associate me with the largely psychosemantic yet highly deadly sickness, so whenever a story comes up that centers on promaja people tend to share it with me.  It has taken me 30 plus years but I am finally known for something other than drunken idiocy. 

 YES!!  In your face high school guidance counselor! Suck it!! I have truly arrived!!

That may be taking it too far, but what are you known for??  Ha!

    About 10 days ago the wife was sent a little snippet from one of her friends.  What she was sent is only 5 sentences long but it captures the scene beautifully.   This couple decided to have the living room painted by “a lovely Serbian man”.  He arrived set out his tarps, masked the trim and started slinging paint like Jackson Pollock (look it up).  About this time the home owners realized that the paint fumes were starting to over power them, so like any right thinking person would do they started opening windows so they didn’t pass out like Michael Moore after climbing a flight of stairs.  They got the windows on one side of the room open but as soon as they made for the opposite side guess what?  The painter stops them, why would he do such a thing?  Say it with me class….


Yes of course!  You all get gold stars for the day.

Now it is unlikely that any of these people would have died for not opening all the windows.  They did have some open, but all on the same side of the room.  And that is the secret people behind promaja!  It can be defeated.  It can’t get you if you only have one side of windows open.  Duh!!

The idea that the professional painter would rather take his chances with toxic fumes instead of a gentle breeze blowing through the room is laughable.   The power of promaja, and the fear that it instills in the hearts and minds of Serbs, is infinite.   This is on display daily. 

Protect yourself.  Educate yourself.


4 thoughts on “Paint fumes or promaja?

  1. So, average Joe and Susan would like to read all 3 posts on my blog? Aw, so cute. 😀

    But, I actually have some English there (“soulless”, “dim light”, “old skool”…) 😀

    Your wife should know why there wont be such a thing (TIP: dialect) 😀

    Now seriously, I’ll think about that.

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