Thanks go out to my good friend and loyal reader Мостовљанин over at mostovljanin.wordpress.com for this link.  The link was left in a comment, but since I know many of you are faaaaar to busy to read let alone post a comment of their own, I will put it up on the big board.  This is a Serbian language article about Promaja.  The hilarious thing to me about this is that the article is masquerading as a legitimate news story about a legitimate ailment/condition.  This could very well be the crowning jewel for this blog.  We are through the looking-glass here people.  The headline speaks for itself.

Zašto je promaja opasna po zdravlje.  Why is the draft hazardous to health.


They actually list preventative steps that one can take to prevent getting sick.  Priceless.   Here is a little taste.

Wondering what’s the harm of pure and fresh air through open windows and doors into the room? Air movement (draft) increases the release of heat from the body. This can cause numbness, which is the result of a cold muscle, while in the process of natural defenses leads to contraction. When the move could result in pressure on the root disk nerve or difficult movements that cause very severe pain.


I used Google translate for this.  I’m sure it is not a literal translation but you get the idea.



4 thoughts on “Serious commentary on Promaja

  1. It starts out with

    “Draft EU”

    and ends with

    “harms people in Vešanin”?

    but my cyrillic is terrible, and worse than my knowledge of Serbian slang.

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