Ima slice ya'll ups


The Wife has two cats.  One of them can’t stand to be in the house so he gets to go outside quite a bit because if we don’t let him out he annoys the shit out of me.  I am not the president of his fan club to say the least.  Every once in a while we can hear commotion outside because there are other cats roaming the neighborhood and the Wife’s cats aren’t as tough as they might like.  On this particular night the wife’s ears perked up a little bit,  she thought she heard something but dismissed it almost as quickly.  Then she gets this message from a neighbor via Facebook;

Andrea wrote:
“Hi!  Your Kitty tried to fight my dog this evening and then when my Pitty backed down and was walking away your kitty followed us to the end of your townhouse row!  He was given Armani the stare down…f***ing hilarious!”


Starin’ down a pit bull.  That’s how real it is on these streets.  Even the cats don’t play around here.


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