I need some help with the translation on this picture.  It was sent to me from reader Мостовљанин.  The wife is usless when it comes to cyrillic, by her own admition so don’t have a fit.  I have gotten a loose translation from srdjana: 

“Draft EU”

and ends with

“harms people in Vešanin”?


Who out there thinks they can crack the cyrillic code?

UPDATE:  Several people came through in the clutch.  Read the comments if you want to know what it means.


10 thoughts on “How’s your cyrillic?

  1. It’s a joke cause of the similarities to cigarette pack warnings. Draft kills, circulating air is harming people around you. In the cigarette pack version. It says that Smoking Kills, cigarettte smoke harms people around you.

  2. “Promaja ubija
    Strujanje vazduha
    s(h)teti ljudima
    u Vas(h)oj okolini”

    Literal translation:

    “Draft kills
    Flow of air
    harmful to people
    in your area”

  3. ahahahhahaha 😀

    it’s a “smoking kills” sticker from a cigarette pack, photoshopped to say:

    “Draft kills.
    Breezing air is harmful to the people in Your vicinity.”

    Yours translation is not all that bad – translation of “kills” as “EU” gave me a chuckle 🙂

  4. promja ubija strujanje vazduha steti ljudima i vasoj okolini

    basically… promaja kills…damage to you/people and your surroundings ! hahahahah

    Hope im right on that one

  5. Serbian (Roman alphabet):
    “Promaja ubija.
    Strujanje vazduha
    šteti ljudima
    u Vašoj okolini.”

    “Draft (promaja) kills.
    Air currents
    are harmful to people
    in Your surroundings.”

  6. I used my cyrillic keyboard, but I guess google translate couldn’t tell the difference between Ubija and unija. Sorry, I’m just a Jenki who’s fluent in French.

    Still, as a smoker, I’m amazed I didn’t recognize that black-outlined text box. Idiot!

    That’s truly hilarious – this fascination with promaja – your promaja blog – a reader sending this perfect image- hell, even my own Jenki idiocy – and the double punchline of the google translate mistake about EU with the actual translation. Class!

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