Residents clear rubble from the streets.


KRALJEVO — A series of earthquakes described as aftershocks hit Serbia’s central town of Kraljevo yesterday and early on Friday.
No one was seriously hurt as a 4.4 Richter scale earthquake hit at 22:09 CET last night, and another, measuring 3.9 degrees, at 06:40 this morning.

The 5.6-magnitude quake that happened at 01:56 CET on Wednesday in the area killed two people, injured dozens and caused serious material damage, prompting local authorities to declare a state of emergency.

This morning medical services in Kraljevo said that several people reported minor injuries, while there was no damage to homes and other structures.

The State Seismology Institute says that smaller tremors have been happening at what appears to be a half-hour or less rate throughout last night and this morning.

Experts also said earlier that aftershocks were a natural phenomenon that meant the area was settling down.

Kraljevo Mayor Ljubiša Simović, meanwhile, stated that as many as 120 buildings have been found unsafe, and that the number is likely to grow.

The water supply has been restored in the town, but tap water was declared chemically contaminated.

Help is being sent to Kraljevo from state institutions, cities, citizens and many companies.


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