I am buried under a foot and a half of snow.  Literally a captive in my own house I cannot go anywhere because  the snow is piled so high all around me.  The Chicagoland area, last night, got the third highest level of snowfall of all time, some areas got as much as 22 inches and the least amount was 16.  The entire northern part of the state is shut down right now from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River.  It’s not so bad though.  The wife is off work today as is the entire neighborhood, so there has been talk of having a Snow Plow party, as in we all get plowed!  I think I can start right away. 

For your amusement the wife and I ventured outdoors already today and took some photos of the aftermath.  It has stopped snowing but there are still wind gusts mind you, and most local roads are closed.  So, we are making our own fun today. 

View out of the front door

In the pic below, notice the tips of the bushes in the lower left.  Those are roughly 2 feet high.

View out of the back door


Standing in the garage


Street in front of the house


Me standing in the driveway, snow past my knees. I'm 6'1" BTW.


Mailboxes in front of the house


Drift in front of the neighbors front door


Frozen planet of Hoth. Stars Wars fans will get that one.


Path on the street the plow was able to clear.


The wife sitting on a frozen couch that has been on the street for weeks waiting for pick-up


The wife thigh deep in the driveway throwin' up Courtlaaaaand!

Our neighbor Sten doing a walk-of-shame from another neighbors house


The wife calling it quits

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