Yesterday I mentioned a Plow Party on my street with the neighbors.  We were all in the same position, unable to go anywhere so we did what we do best.  We drank.  A lot.  The day started out with some shoveling, community style, which means one guy came over with his snowblower and the rest of us leaned on our shovels and watched him work.  Eventually the snow removal guys made their way to our street and they looked pretty cold to me so I did what came naturally and offered them a beer, which they happily accepted.  The shots came later.  We were outside all day playing in the snow, there was a snow sculpture that I did, there was sledding, there was street surfing on sleds and couches.  The couch on the curb that the wife sat on yesterday became a means to tour the neighborhood.  It was awesome, we even met new neighbors that just wanted to stop over and have a drink.

I claim this hill for Amurica!

Drunken flag raising Iwo Jima style

Outdoor bar doing it's thing

Neighbor stuck waist deep in snow passing off her drink so she doesn't spill

Preparing to couch surf

Sledding on the piled up snow hills

The summit of Mt. Courtland

Shortly after this pic the couch disintigrated and we put it back in front of the house we found it at.


4 thoughts on “How I survived Snowmaggedon 2011

  1. I’m in the Northeast, where it’s not been as bad as “Chicagoland”, but it’s been record-breaking nevertheless. Every single person I know in Dalmatia miraculously came out of the woodwork during the worst of it to let me know how sunny and warm it has been over there. Their idea of zima is 10C. I’ve sent them all very bitter notes with photos of prava zima. Glad you managed to make it fun 🙂

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