I am going to assume that since an estimated 111 million people watched the SuperBowl this past Sunday you either watched it too, or at least knew it was going on.  I myself was torn as to what to do, being a Bears fan it was virtually impossible to root for the hated Packers but I also have an allergic reaction to the Steelers, thanks to a friend in Miami that is the most obnoxious kind of fan, (he turned his phone off after the loss, couldn’t stand to hear the taunts).  I decided to go to the heart of darkness that is Wisconsin to watch the game with some Serbs.  Pulling on my Bears hat I went to face the enemy on his own soil.

I arrived at my friend Slobi’s house around 3, plenty of time to get the pre-game going.  This being my first Serbian Super Bowl experience I was curious as to what the day would hold but I was optimistic that it would be fun and amusing, and I was not disappointed.  There were about 12 people in attendance and all were Serbs with the exception of 1 other American who is the boyfriend to Slobi’s daughter and also a Packer fan.  The boyfriend was not drinking in the early going, he wanted to stay fresh for the game, and that was not let to rest for very long.  Slobi kept offering him something, anything, to drink.  He eventually relented.  The boyfriend has been around long enough to know that he better take something or he wasn’t going to get any peace.  So, on we went,  having a few drinks, a few laughs and watching the soccer game that was on.  Don’t ask me who was playing, it couldn’t have been a high school game for all I care.

About 20 minutes before kick off is when things got tense.  An in-law of Slobi’s started to question his TV and why the picture was so crappy.  I am paraphrasing but the conversation went something like;

“Don’t you have HD?”

“Of course I do, it’s on the HD channel that’s just how it is.  My TV is 5 years old.  Look.”

“That can’t be HD look at it. ”

Flipping the guide on Slobi says “Look, see?  HD, there it is.”

“You don’t have the right kind of cable for it then, you need a HDMI cable.”

“Well I don’t have one, this is all they gave me when they hooked it up.”

At this point Slobi’s 21-year-old son got in the mix and started looking for a cable in the desk.  I looked over at the boyfriend at this point with a mammoth grin on my face.  He was slowly rocking back and forth, worrying that he might miss kick off, (Packer fan remember) but he was holding it together.  The son finds the HDMI cable and starts unhooking the cable box from the TV, he turns off the TV and then there is nothing.  The boyfriend looks at me again and audibly says,

“Bar?  We can be there in 10 minutes.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at him and the whole situation.

They get the cable in, hook it all up and presto!  HDTV in all it’s glory. 

We watched the first half of the game while pounding down Becks, homemade vino and homemade rakija.  Slobi’s wife then brought out quite a spread:  soup, cevapcici, burek, salata, shrimps, suva meso (smoked pork loin) tomatoes and cheese and of course bread, although they looked more like baguettes to me.  We all feasted on treats while watching the half time show.  Normally I don’t pay much attention to the show because greatest hits meddlies from washed up acts don’t make me tingle but I happened to look up about the time that Usher made the stage.  Slobi did too and he was not too happy about Usher’s wardrobe choice, the baggy pants were too much for him too bear, stabbing his plastic fork towards the TV he proclaimed,

“This is why America needs a dictator for about 10 years!”

That little gem right there was enough reason for me to go back next year!  I love my adopted people, they never let you go home hungry or sober and they always keep you laughing.



4 thoughts on “SrpskiBowl XLV

  1. I have catered Super Bowl parties and Oscar parties where somehow it fell upon me to figure out problems with the remote control. I guess I didn’t hide my annoyance well; I haven’t been hired by these clients again.

    Maybe if we had a dictator, our own national anthem wouldn’t be obliterated!

    • When I heard the Anthem I thought I heard her mess up but I wasn’t sure. Then of course it blew up all last week. Maybe if she wasn’t trying to be so cutesy with the lyrics she wouldn’t have screwed up.

  2. Covek,
    I am toally loving your blog. I write the Chronicles of Serbia. But it is not half as funny as yours! Thanks for writing!
    I am an American married to a Serb living part time here and there.
    And Promaja is a great name… How about that draft! it’s a killer!
    Great to find you!

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