Sign at the gym

The picture to the left is of a sign on display at my gym that is trumpeting the “Men’s Spa Services” that they are offering.  Signs like this one can be spotted all over the main floor, advertising things like “Healthy Eating”, “Cancer Screening” and a 5K run.  This sign is positioned in a good spot for the target audience, men, to see it.  It’s right outside the locker room and next to the aerobics studio that EVERY guy takes a look inside of when there is a class full of ladies working out in there.  What you can’t see due to my shoddy camera phone are the special services highlighted on the sign:

Business manicure

Sports pedicure

Please.  Give us guys a little bit more credit than that.  A manicure is a pedicure is a manicure and a pedicure.  Is a sports pedicure guaranteed to make me run faster and jump higher?  Will it lower my time in the 40 at the NFL scouting combine?  Putting a picture of 1970’s Arnold holding an emery board and toe nail clippers might be more effective than placing a couple of adjectives in front.  The type of guys that are going for these services probably already do it and don’t need them to be manned up in order to go into the spa and say “I want a manny and a peddy, get me a beer and put the game on while you do it.”


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