I was contacted by a fellow blogger and student from Northwestern recently.  He is Ariel Zellman and he is conducting a survey.

“My name is Ariel Zellman and I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science at Northwestern University in Chicago. Much of my research centers around the politics of identity and territory in the Balkans, particularly Serbia. I post much of my research on the Balkans on my personal research blog at http://arielzellman.wordpress.com.

At present, I am running an online research survey (in Serbian) which examines the impact of different kinds of political speech on people’s policy preferences. The survey is targeted at Serbs particularly in Serbia but can also include those in Montenegro, Bosnia, etc. You can find it at http://arielzellman.wordpress.com/anketa.

Unfortunately I have had a bit of a difficult time disseminating the survey beyond my immediate friends and colleagues… The work is purely academic, has no corresponding financial or political agenda…”

Check him out.


3 thoughts on “Student survey from Northwestern

  1. When am I going to
    Get mentioned dammit? I have a sore neck and am also terrified of the wind.

  2. Ariel, I admire your energy! I’ve been independently researching identity politics in the former Yugoslavia since the years just before its dissolution. This has proven to be a never-ending task. I’ve learned so much, but it has also been an exhausting hobby.

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