That was intended to get the attention of my regular readers.  Did it work?  I am not ending the blog so now you can put away the ceremonial knife and start-up the Kolo.   There has been a lot going on in my personal life while at the same time not a whole lot going on in my Serbian life.  Obviously the two lives co-mingle but  those two are the main reasons that I have not posted anything in such a long time and they are linked together. 

So far, this summer, I have not been to a single Serbian wedding and more shocked, I could not be.  My dance card this wedding season is filled with American weddings.  All my friends are deciding to “go pro” this year, so now, instead of suvo meso and Kilimanjaro sized piles of bread I am getting 50 guests and “wine and beer” bars.  It’s kind of like riding in coach next to the bathroom after flying first class on the Concord.

Being that I am not one to make promises, I won’t.  However, I VOW to write more this summer and re-engaged my blog and my readers.  Having said that, I will give you some of the highlights of my personal life and the Serbian life in the past months.

– I went to an engagement party that was worthy of the Greek-Serbo Orthodox showdown.  It was for my friend who is marrying a Greek.  Let’s just say it went like this;  Steaks, kebabs, chicken, grape leaf wrapped awesomeness, rivers of beer and wine, tents, rented tables and chairs and well over 100 people.  Sorry Serbs, the Greeks won that round.

– I started a new job three weeks ago.  Working nights doesn’t lend itself to being creative and wanting to write.

– Is there an infatuation with Ottawa, Illinois that I am not aware of?  In consecutive weeks there were two events that were planned there and I was invited to.  There is a watering hole there that is worth going to but that’s it.

– And to add on to that; is paintball for bachelor parties the thing now?  I’m out of the loop evidently.  I need to subscribe to whatever magazine is telling people to do these things.

– Why do old Serb men cheat at bacci balls?  This dude runs 20 yards past the line and drops his ball next to the marker and thinks he is awesome.

– At a picnic for my Kumovi last week my Kum said, ” Serb man is only afraid of two things, God and wife!  That’s it!”  Truer words were never spoken.

– My neighbor Jeremy is a weak-sauce cry baby that can’t hang anymore!!


8 thoughts on “….and then there was nothing.

  1. First of all, was the guy that “cheated”” my deda? hahah and the 2nd thing… thats the smartest thing I have heard my husband say in a looooong time. Looks like he is finally learning the ropes. Keep writing.. 🙂

  2. I heard that Jeremy cat is hardcore. I saw him the other day and that kid was straight flossin. I mean you could really tell his game is on point. Not to mention I was totally blown away at the amount diamonds that could be fit onto a watch. Anyways, it sounds like you’re just a typical hater. You know what they say about haters right? Haters gonna hate.

  3. what u gonna do kume,guy doesn’t like to drink let him win,..see,after he “won” he went to bed and we were continue till 330am……….

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