I am a uniter.  I bring people together.  In this tradition I have been bridging the generation gap, traversing the great divide between nations and cultures and continuing to be a shining light for the wayward.  I taught my niece Brynn a Serbian word today, one of the few I know.  I taught her “krava”, which is “cow”.  


I believe in the long term joke.  My wife and her sisters and cousin all affectionately call each other krava.  My niece does not see them all that often, once maybe twice a year.  I told Brynn, “the next time you see Aunt Milena’s sisters, call them krava.  They will be impressed that you speak Serbian”.  Being the little smarty pants that she is….she will.


I crack myself up.


3 thoughts on “Shaping young minds

  1. you know us better then we know our self! every post you wrote is so true and so good.
    i am forwarding your posts to all my friends, who reading them in working hours (of corse!)
    you are great, dont stop writing

    regards from Belgrade

  2. Some of the first words I learned were far worse than “krava”, but then I was surely older than your niece.

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