Recently, the inhabitants of Serbia have showed the world that they are on the way up.  On their way up to the rarefied air reserved for people that can afford to buy tickets to a show and boo the crap out of the performer.  No longer content to have “D’ list performers mumble their way through an act, Serbians all across the land have been united in voice as they booed two hacks from the stage!

Last week, drunken slobbard Amy Winehouse, was booed continuously at her concert in Belgrade.  She was so drunk that she mumbled her way through songs, stumbled, and dropped her mic.  The behavior of the crowd left me confused, admittedly.  Getting drunk and singing off-key is the favorite pastime of damn near every Serb I know.  I would think that of all people, they, would be most able to appreciate that.  But I guess no one is buying tickets to hear you singing with your Kum at Slava while drunk on homemade wine.


Now, I have never watched her show, and only know of it because her name is on the guide while I’m looking for other things to watch on TV, but blonde nit-wit Chelsea Handler did a segment on her show about Winehouse and her and some gay guy took pot shots at Serbia.  I’m sure the they are both leading historians on the Balkan wars.

This well informed quip has launched a Facebook page boycott of Handler and the E! channel.


These two amazing displays of taste and class bring a tear to my eye.  To think, that this rag-tag group of up and coming A-listers has enough moxy to boo a drunken buffoon and boycott a no talent-basic cable-hack all in the same week?  Keep this up Serbia, and you’ll be sitting at the Oscars booing Michael Moore before you know it!


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