In the coming weeks I will be contributing to another site.  The brilliant, forward thinking editor at http://crystallake.patch.com/ has recognized the aptitude, skill, and talent that I have for both the spoken word and pointing out other people’s short comings!  After 2 years of toiling away in the far reaches of cyber-space I will now step boldly into the rural farm lands of the internet.

Becoming part of the Patch family will allow me to reach a wider audience that might not other wise be subjected to privledged enough to have read my prose.  I know it may seem like I am asking a lot of my dear readers lately, with all the requests to click this and “like” that  but it will be worth it.  Give them a look and help me look influential in front of my new peers.





Also, don’t forget that I contribute to www.usaserbs.net !!!  I’m shameless I know.  Free content for everyone!






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