Ima slice ya'll ups

In the past there have been posts on this blog about various animals and their varying degrees of unstableness.  Previously everyone was introduced to Fatty, the crazy Serbian cat that harasses and intimidates dogs on the street and is mesmerized by running water.  



Now we have the second installment of Psycho Serbian Macka.  This Sunday past, as is custom, we had some friends over early in the day.  Myself and some neighbors play in a flag football league and usually we all congregate at my house after the game for some beers and to talk about what we did wrong, which is usually a lot.  One of my teammates, Brian, was sitting on the edge of the couch, still wearing his uniform from the game and holding onto a beer.  He had on shorts and knee-high black socks so that only his bony knees were exposed.  At this time the cat, Fatty, strolled casually into the room, so much so that I barely noticed, from the corner of my eye I see him approach Brian.  So far, nothing out of the ordinary as both of Milena’s cats are sociable and like attention.  Again, from the corner of my eye I see Fatty sniff at Brian’s knee, and then…..

“Ow!!  That little f***er just bit me!”

For a heartbeat there was silence while everyone processed what just happened, and then the room erupted into laughter, victim included.  Fatty had just fallen backwards onto his side and lay in front of Brian much in the way a lion would lay next to a fresh kill, before devouring it.  For a few minutes Fatty just lay there, scanning the room, in front of Brian, when he finally said,

“This thing won’t leave me alone now.  Lo0k at it.  Ready to hit me again.”

Another guest answered with,

“That thing isn’t even looking at you and you’re still worried about it.”

If you find yourself lost, and make a wrong turn into the wrong neighborhood called Apple Creek Estates don’t try to pet the grey and white stripped cat.  It may cost you a knee cap.

And that’s how it goes on Courtland Street. Every day…..raw.


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