In the 3 years since the inception of this blog there have been many posts, many comments, a few laughs, some hurt feelings and a creative outlet for one man.  Typically the posts all centered around one topic, one people, and many new experiences as an American adjusted to the ways of the Serbian families and lives that he was now a party to.   There was occasion that other topics were news worthy and allowed space; who can forget Snowmageddon 2011?  And the signing of Julius Peppers by the beloved Bears? Or the fantastic journeys to scenic Gary, Indiana?  The journey out of the naughts has been a fun yet challenging one for sure and sharing it with the world has been therapeutic.  Hopefully the regular readers have gotten to know the cast of characters and have gotten a sense of the personalities showcased and have a small understanding of the peaks and valleys of this adjustment.

However, there has been a problem the last few months.  The problem isn’t writers block for there is not a writer here, just a nameless hack with a laptop, a few ideas and very little training. The problem also isn’t a lack of interest in the subject any longer.  The problem is that the well is drying up.  The golden goose isn’t laying eggs, just smelly turds.  Material to write about isn’t walking in the door looking for a three-cheek kiss anymore.  At one point every meeting, wedding, dinner at Strina’s or drinks before Easter Mass offered everything one could need to write about, only having to make sure to write down the choicest quotes and remember as much detail as possible. Visits with the Serbs are not as foreign any longer and there is an air of familiarity that lessens the comedy value of previously hilarious moments. A comfort level has been reached.

So, what to do?

This is not an open ended question and there is an answer to be offered.  It is to expand.  Expand topics to be covered.  The joy in writing has never left it has been suffering under a self-imposed restriction on material.  The world has many interesting things to write about other than Lady GaGa, the insipid Kardashians, politics (which is a favorite of Serbs everywhere) and any other trash that passes for news.  Going forward there will be an expansion of the conversation in this neighborhood and the hope is that the loyal readers will still enjoy what they are reading while reaching out to a broader audience.  But, make no mistake, there is a Serbian wedding coming up at the end of September and if anything embarrassing/awesome happens, it will be posted here.


2 thoughts on “Reflections on time passed; the future

    • thank you for that, really. that was nice to read. there may be something coming up in the next few months that will give me something to cover. Another trip to Yugo would be nice.

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