Now that the Chicago Bears offense is showing signs of the greatness that we have all been waiting for, why isn’t the leader of that offense the most popular guy on Lake Shore Drive?  Jay Cutler, the golden armed quarterback that the Bears traded for 4 seasons ago still has an aura of jerkishness about him that still lingers.

 He has been getting a pass in Chicago as long as he has been in town due to the lack of players around him to complement his abilities on the field.  The previous lack of a serviceable NFL caliber receiver has always been number one on the list of reasons why he hasn’t played up to expectations and potential.  Never mind that he has always had an elite running back behind him in Matt Forte.  Now that he has those key support players perhaps he been able to avoid the scorn of his fan base for eternity, because if he wins a Super Bowl there will be no containing his attitude.

Presser after presser, year after year the adjective “jerk-face” has been used when describing Cutler’s sideline and press conference expression.  The dry smirk of disbelief and arrogance on the mug of a would be god in Chicago has kept him from being just that.  Sunday, Jay slapped on that jerk face when he offered a Public Service Announcement to the fans at Soldier Field, asking them to, “Please, please, please, let’s tone it down a little bit when we’re down on the 20, you’re more than welcome to yell and scream and do whatever you want to do after we score, but please let’s go ahead and quiet the stadium down and save it until after we score. Thank you. PSA.”  It is a reasonable request and frankly one that shouldn’t have to be asked in a town that loves its football and should know better.  However, he just comes across as an ass half the time.  We all just want to love you Jay!  Why do you make it so hard?

On the back of that plea “jerk-face” is now giving way to “likeable jerk”, as one radio personality called Jay.  Why can’t he just be likeable?  If he would even pretend to begin to think about deciding to tolerate us intolerable fans and media types he could go the rest of his life without ever having to pay for a dinner or a drink in Chicago.  In this town people love their football legends, you need only turn on your TV or radio and former Bears are giving insights and highlights every day.  Coach Ditka has become so legendary that he is bordering on a parody of himself.

 Football players don’t have to be “on” all the time and if they choose they can stay out of the media spotlight.  However, when a player chooses to hook up with a reality TV star his intention is to do anything but.  Perhaps Jay can take some cues and advice from his lady Kristin Cavallari’s PR people and develop his likable alter ego that handles his press conferences and interviews for him.

Let us love you Jay, we promise to be good.


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