Some of my readers that are close to me and my wife know that we are expecting our first child.  For those of you that I haven’t contacted or seen to tell in person I apologize, but you should call more often!  I can’t be everywhere dammit!!  So with this huge new development in my life, similar to marrying my wife and adjusting to her family and Serbness, I am starting a new blog to document it.  This blog was started because I was amazed with the new people who I was meeting and adjusting to, similarly the new blog will help me make sense of the pregnancy and being a father.  I will continue to look at things through my special lens and write in my juvenile way, but if I happen to make a point it is purely by accident and I’ll do my best to correct it.

I’m pretty excited about this new venture.  The blog site is run by the Chicago Tribune so there are some really good bloggers there that cover a lot of topics.  The level of writing will be hard to keep up with but I think I can do it.  I must have some chops otherwise they wouldn’t have accepted my proposal and invited me in.  My format will include a lot of photos, one big post a week, and usually 2-3 smaller ones, kind of like drive-by blogging.  My first post is up already so please check it out and sign up for updates, “Like” me on Facebook too pleeeeease!! I want to make a good first impression!  I’m not above begging, ask the wife.

Here is the link to Daddy Diaper Danger


This is the blog community, check it our there are a lot of good bloggers there.


If you have trouble with the link above, go to ChicagoNow and search for Daddy Diaper Danger at the top, you will find it.

Look for my avatar too!



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