My poor Kum.  Life just keeps knocking him down and smashing his balls in.  Love you brate.

Todays tragedy;

What’s on my mind?well let me tell u what’s on my mind?just called 3 fruit markets to check if I can buy plums and every one of them told me that they r not selling reduced fruit,I asked what ur doing with it they said we trowing them out.I asked well if u trowing them can I take it and guy said no its the company policy!!!! So becouse some fucking asshole with IQ 45 ate bad fruits and got sick I cannot buy plums to make rakija….trying to not swear hardcore but someone always draging me down….fuck that



4 thoughts on “Serb Problems

  1. Go to a farmers market and find a vendor that sells fruit/plums. Talk to the *owner* – not the hired hand – for your rakija fruits. Don’t waste your time calling/emailing because farmers are kinda busy and what you think is a huge order really isn’t (consider how much gas it costs for a farmer to drive into the city against what you’re buying).

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