English: *Coat of arms of Kruševac

Coat of arms of Kruševac

In a recent Under 21 match played in Krusevac, Serbia, the Serbian team was able to destroy the English team by having 5 players brought up on charges to a paltry 2 by the English.  The Serbian fans, not wanting to be left out of the action, had the remainder of the charges brought against themselves, bringing the final score to a 10-2 blowout.

If Serbia’s public prosecutors accept the police charges and take the matter  to court, those accused could face prison sentences if convicted. But the police action took the English Football Association by surprise, as  it said “it has not received any formal notification of any charges filed by the  Serbian authorities.”

At the end of the match Serbian fans ignited the “traditional road flares of triumph” to announce their victory over the hated English.  When reached for comment  drunken lead hooligan Rade Dardic said, “This great day for team.  Is not often that we can beat the English at own game.  They think this be easy game and we caught them slipping.  We wanted it more today and that was obvious.  We always think we can hooligan with best in world, and today we did!!”


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