Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The day that I have waited for is finally here.  I no longer have to worry about George Lucas further ruining my beloved Galaxy far, far away.  No longer will he assault us with horrible characters like JarJar Binks, and a whinny pre-pubescent Darth Vader.  It was announced that he sold Lucas Film to the Disney Corp. for over 7 billion dollars. 

My views on Disney are very public to my circle, I hate it.  I think that Disney is ruining television, movies, sports  and everything else in this world I love, entertainment related.  They water down everything they touch and make it PG for a mass audience and force their family friendly view of the world on unsuspecting parents and kids.  Give this a read and see for yourself, it’s short.

However, I can put my hatred aside this time because I know that they won’t do any worse with Star Wars than Lucas did with his last three abortions he called films.  Disney has scored major points with me and Fan Boys all over the world with their adaptations of The Avengers and Iron Man.  Disney buying Marvel terrified me but they are taking the campiness out doing alright by those franchises.

They have already slated 2015 for the release of a new Star Wars movie, carrying on the story of Luke SkyWalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia after Return of the Jedi.  I hope that the tag Christopher Nolan to direct these movies and he kicks ass just like he did reinventing the Batman genre.  I’m excited to say the least.  Don’t fuck it up Disney!!


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