Nouormand: Êlections au mais d'Octobre 2008, Jèrri

I walked into the polling place today and cast my votes.  My votes for the stars and stripes and for ‘Muurica.  As I was filling in the little circles I was struck by the lack of choices.  There were so many people running for office unopposed.  Why was that?

Was there a lack of qualified candidates in the area?  Was there candidates so plagued by scandal that they couldn’t possibly win?  It’s not such a stretch in the Chicagoland area to think that.  I don’t live in an area that is strongly for one party or the other, although I would think the opposite to be true in the suburbs of Chicago.  To me it makes little sense that there is no choice.  During every election cycle we are bombarded with choice.  During every Christmas were are bombarded with choices of where to buy toys.  During every Thanksgiving we are bombarded with choices of where to buy turkeys.  During every Halloween we are bombarded with choices on where to buy costumes and candy.  So why the lack of choice on people who will be making decisions that directly affect my life?  I have no answer to this question.

I’m left wondering why.  If anyone has a suggestion or an answer as to why in America we have dozens of options on where to buy tacky gifts for co-workers during Christmas but only one option on who will be prosecuting felons in our counties, I’d love to hear it.


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